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One of the worst things about many auto leasing companies is that they have salespeople that are all over you when you don’t want them, but almost impossible to get in touch with when you need them.  We have worked hard to solve those two issues from the moment we opened this company.  When you shop with us we will let you browse through our inventory any time you’d like without any pressure from our team.  In addition, when you have questions, comments, concerns or you want to begin the leasing process, we are always easy to get in touch with.

When you need any type of help, just give us a call at 347-707-7601 and we will be there to assist.  Our auto leasing experts know all about the vehicles we lease, the financing and getting you the terms you are most interested in.  Most of all, we are focused on providing you with an exceptional customer experience.  The following are a few of the many reasons our customers give us a call, but remember, you’re always welcome to contact us no matter what you need.

Questions about Cars

Our car leasing team don’t just work here to make money.  They are also car enthusiasts so if you have a question about the engine of one vehicle or the transmission of another, the chances are quite good that our team can give you the information you need.  Even things like the car technology or other features are studied by our team.  Given the fact that we lease hundreds of different makes and models, you’ll be impressed at just how much our team knows about each one.  If you do happen to ask something that they don’t know, however, don’t worry!  They will take the time to research it and get you the answer right away.

Financing Assistance

Most people need to get lease financing when they get a new vehicle.  While you are welcome to get direct financing from your bank or credit union, that is often not the best option.  Instead, just give us a call and our financing experts will help you to qualify for the best possible terms for your lease.  You’ll likely be very surprised at the great terms we can get you for your vehicle.

Lease Trades & Terminations

If you are already in a lease, even if it is not with us, we can often help you to get out of an old one and in to something that you’ll love even more.  We can help to minimize the expenses associated with lease terminations so that you can move on to something great.  Just give us a call at 347-707-7601 and we’ll help get the process started.

Our team is always looking forward to helping people with anything to do with auto leasing.  We look forward to taking your call and helping you with anything that you need.